About Rosalind

Rosalind Noonan grew up in suburban Maryland on the outskirts of Baltimore and Washington. One of five children, she enjoyed the comical, energetic vibe of a noisy Irish household and remains close with her four siblings.

Noonan spent her senior year of high school in Ludwigsburg, Germany, and used that time to travel extensively throughout Europe. Noonan is a graduate of Wagner College in Staten Island, New York. Coincidentally, the campus was used as the primary location for the film School of Rock, one of Roz's favorite comedies.

She recalls her four years on "the Hill," living in a dormitory with a breathtaking view of New York Harbor and lower Manhattan, as a time of vast growth and possibility.

Rosalind Noonan lives in Portland, Oregon, with her husband Michael, children Carly and Alex, and a small King Charles Cavalier Spaniel named Ruby.